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Ready for the next step in your publishing career?

Give your book the happy ending it deserves.

I help self-publishing authors and writers looking to land their dream literary agents. See my services below to learn how I can help you.


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Prepare your finished novel for self-publishing or submission to a literary agent.

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Still writing? Get feedback on your romance book that will help guide you to 'The End.'

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Looking for a literary agent? Polish your query letter before you send it off.

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Pruning and Weeding

To best help you, I combine line editing with copyediting, checking for:

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

  • point of view and head hopping errors

  • redundancy 

  • under- and overwriting

  • minor plot holes and inconsistencies

  • confusing or awkward phrasing

The end result is a polished, professional book ready for self-publishing.


Copyediting rates start at 0.02 cents/word (USD). A 2,000 word sample taken from the middle of your novel will help me assess the appropriate editing rate.


I also provide sample edits for a fee of $30, up to 2,000 words. If you choose me as your editor, this fee is deducted from the final cost of the edit.

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Manuscript Evaluation:
he Root Inspection

For romance and women's fiction only!

Always LGBT+ friendly.


When I was a literary agent's assistant, I wrote dozens of reader's reports each month and advocated for romance authors dreaming of getting published. I'm excited to use the insights I gained to help aspiring authors better understand and achieve their own publishing goals.

With a manuscript evaluation, you receive the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes on your story. I will offer a big-picture assessment of your story's themes, pacing, plot, character development, and more—all in the form of an editorial report that you can come back to again and again. Each report is a minimum of 30 pages.

If you want further advice or need a sounding board to plot out your story's next steps, you can opt for a phone consultation before or after I read your manuscript.


Manuscript evaluations start at $0.004 cents/word (USD).

Phone consultations start at $45/hr.

Query Letter:
Sowing Seeds for Success

Are you looking for a literary agent? Your first step to landing your dream agent—and your dream book deal—is writing a query letter to pitch your finished novel.

I'm happy to offer a fresh pair of eyes with two rounds of editing. The first round will evaluate the content and format of your letter. I can offer advice, based on my experience as a former literary agent's assistant, on how to make your letter shine.

The second round of editing will focus on fixing grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and improving the flow of your language.

Want me to copyedit the chapter sample you're querying? I can do that too.


Rates are  0.05/word for query letters and 0.02/word for manuscript samples (USD).

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