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Editorial Report

Editorial Report

Do you need feedback on your manuscript's pacing, plot, world building, and character development? Do you want to know if your story is hitting the right emotional notes? Have a reader take your book for a test drive.


"...incredibly helpful and so appreciated. Your feedback has been invaluable to the Not Dead Yet series. Thank you so much!" 

—Jenn Burke, author

"Feedback was very thorough! Line specific thoughts and edits made it clear that Hannah read closely and dedicated a lot of time and attention to the manuscript. The notes were earnest but always optimistic and I took many of them into consideration for edits.

I think anyone in later edits would benefit greatly from this level of feedback."

—K.J. Scott, author

Editorial Report

I offer a variety of services to meet authors' needs. Check out the Services Overview page to learn more.

Once your manuscript is complete, you'll want to know if your story accomplishes all it's intended to do. An editorial report highlights your story's strengths and growth areas, and offers some solutions to issues like plot holes and weak characterization. This is ideal for writers who:

  • want an affordable alternative to developmental edits

  • aim to polish their manuscript a bit more BEFORE developmental edits

  • are self-publishing and want a professional perspective before publication

My experience is in women's fiction, LGBTQ+ fiction, and romance novels, including all subgenres. 

What I'll Check:

  • Do your characters feel believable?

  • Does your story hook readers?

  • Do the emotional beats have impact?

  • Are there plot holes or inconsistencies?

  • Is the formatting and font professional and readable?

  • Are some words noticeably overused?

  • Is the ending satisfying?

  • ...and more! 

What You'll Get:

  • One read of your manuscript

  • In-manuscript commentary through Word or Google Doc

  • An in-depth reader's report detailing the story's strengths and areas for growth


50,000-75,000 words: $150

76,000-100,000: $200

Listed currencies are in USD. For manuscripts under 50,000 words or over 100,000, please send me a message including your genre and word count, and I can give you a quote.

Click the button below to request an editorial report. Once the 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid and your manuscript has been submitted, you can expect a two-week turnaround time for a full editorial report.

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Contact Me

Feel free to email me at or fill out the Contact form to request a quote. 

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