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Jenn Burke,

romance author

"Incredibly helpful and so appreciated. Hannah's feedback has been invaluable to the Not Dead Yet series.
Thank you so much!" 
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Tenacity Plys,

SFF author

"Hannah helps me develop my writing, and she's an incredibly knowledgeable editor to bounce my thoughts off of! I recommend Hannah to anyone looking for a methodical and creative editing partner."

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"As a poet, I am looking for editors and proofreaders who have surgical precision when giving feedback. Each word must be scrutinized. I have had a number of poetry manuscripts and essays reviewed by Hannah and she has come to be an editorial voice I trust deeply.

She always encourages me to consider more concise phrases—paring down my often wordy sentences. She also has a technical mastery of grammar that is crucial for clear and impactful writing. I am amazed at how many typos she can find in my writing that went right by me. 


Hannah is sensitive to the music and color of the written word. She treads the delicate balance of clarity and beauty when giving suggestions.


I would definitely recommend Hannah's services because she always makes sure my writing is free of grammatical errors, sloppy phrasing, and wordiness. She also gives very encouraging and positive remarks so her feedback has inspired me to keep working on creative pieces that I thought fell flat. I am always my first editor, but in close second is Hannah with her precision and hawk-eyed approach to editing."

K.J. Scott,

sci-fi romance author

"Feedback was very thorough! Line specific thoughts and edits made it clear that Hannah read closely and dedicated a lot of time and attention to the manuscript. The notes were earnest but always optimistic and I took many of them into consideration for edits.

I think anyone in later edits would benefit greatly from this level of feedback."

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Lior Eisen,

children's author

"There was an excellent balance of positives and things to work on. I also appreciated the specificity, with examples, and the comparisons to other books. Overall, Hannah's feedback gave me another angle to look at my writing from and realize where it could be stronger.


I absolutely recommend Hannah's services. It was exactly what I needed."

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Melissa Cummins,

romance author

"Hannah definitely seems to care about providing the best edit she can. She's very fast but also very thorough, and I enjoyed working with her. She understood my characters well, and made my manuscript shine while being respectful of my voice and ideas."

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